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Financial Aid for Radiotherapy

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We solicit financial aid for our mother, Florence Ajayi, who is battling breast cancer. She has had 11 rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy. We need your support to raise ₦2.6M for her radiotherapy. Thanks a lot.

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Own a school project

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The mission of the SDGs Advocate Programme is to create a world where every student is equipped with the knowledge, values, and skills necessary for effectively responding and proffering solutions to the greatest challenges of this century, and shaping a sustainable and prosperous world. By implementing this project, we hope to educate and introduce the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the students, thus building their knowledge and potential in becoming global leaders and changemakers. The schedule for this advocacy project is 2 – 3 visits, so we would be glad and appreciative of your support to carry out the project successful for purchasing of toolkits and SDGs learning materials.

Help displaced people in Mangu and environs in Plateau State with food and shelter

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It is a dire strait for the victims who have been caught in the web of the ceaseless killings in Plateau State, especially the women who have to run with their children and household items while trying to escape from the war fronts each time one breaks out. The unfolding tragedy for women has been so severe for them to bear because unlike men, who can run with barefoot to escape being slain, women and girls in the war-stricken areas of Plateau have other vital needs to care for while trying to escape the assassins’ bullets. Women have always been the victims of the many senseless killings in Plateau State. They are either killed along with their children or left widows as their husbands get killed. While displaced, they are further traumatised by a lack of basic needs including sanitary pads. As a result of many assaults unleashed in the area in the past weeks, women have been thrown into disarray and they are distraught at the moment. The displaced persons, mostly women and children from the recent attacks in the Mangu Local Government Area of the state, are pleading for urgent help to enable them to at least regain their bearing and return home. They are also becoming more and more uncomfortable with the unfriendly weather conditions which make them sick, made worse by their inability to get fresh and unadulterated food from their farms, which have been deserted for many months as a result of being displaced by attacks. The attacks/statistics It will be recalled that starting from May 15, 2023 there was a weeklong attack by suspected Fulani mercenaries on almost 30 communities in Mangu LGA. Over 100 people, mostly women and children, were killed and over 10,000 people displaced. Communities attacked included: Gwet, Mutong, Bwor, Komtul, Vodni, Dangdai, Changal, Kombili, Washna (Jwakchom), Larkas, Ajing, Fushi, Bin Kwahas, Manja, Murish, Dungmunan, Kyampus, Jwakmaitumbi, Kantoma, Alohom, Gaude, Danhausa, Kikyau, Gongong, Gudum, Tyop, Farin Kasa, Kubwat and Fungzai. As at the last count, no fewer than 879 men, 2,177 women, and 2,966 children have been located in a few camps in Barkin Ladi and Mangu LGAs. About 1,977 others are in churches and school halls in Jos metropolis and Pankshin LGA. The number of those being camped in nearby Bogoro in Bauchi State and some others is yet to be determined as they take temporary abodes with their relatives and friends.

Financial Aid for Radiotherapy

3,000 raised

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. We write to you today with deep gratitude for your unwavering support in the past, and an urgent request for your assistance. We humbly seek financial aid for our beloved mother, Florence Ajayi, who is courageously battling breast cancer. Florence's journey with cancer has been marked by immense strength and resilience. She has already undergone 11 grueling rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy, but her fight is far from over. The next crucial step in her treatment is radiotherapy, a vital component in ensuring that she can regain her health and lead a fulfilling life once more. We are faced with the daunting task of raising 2.6 million naira to cover the expenses for Florence's radiotherapy. While her personal savings has offered substantial support, it falls significantly short of the necessary amount. This is where your support becomes indispensable. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a profound difference in our mother's life. Your support is not just a financial contribution; it's a lifeline for Florence and a symbol of the compassion and unity that makes our community strong. We genuinely appreciate any assistance you can provide, and we assure you that it will be used for its intended purpose. Your generosity and donation can make a world of difference, and it will forever be etched in our hearts.

Help to pay my lodge fee

0 raised

A young student who is currently battling with funds to get an accomodation in school, I need help.

Helping God bless school fees

0 raised

Am out of my job at escravos and am looking for another, but may why, I need support to help may my daughter school fees pls

I need money to advertise my writing academy

0 raised

A fresh and young graduate who is willing to be independent and successful. Took to writing and wants to advertise her business to reach a wider audience throughout the world

Help Collins get a cup of coffee

140 raised

Hi guys, I'm Collins, founder of Afroofund. This project is a big one for me, and I love that I am able to share it with you all. About 5 months ago, my friend, Aimie Ojuba, my brother, Derrick Chikeluba, and I decided to start Afroofund, a crowdfunding platform for Africans. We envisioned Afroofund as a way for fellow Africans to lift each other up during their times of need. This project is very close to my heart. Thank you Africa for everything you've done for me, and I hope with Afroofund, I can begin to make it up to you. With love, Collins. :)

Financial Aid for Radiotherapy

0 raised

We solicit financial aid for our mother, Florence Ajayi, who is battling breast cancer. She has had 11 rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy. We need your support to raise ₦2.6M for her radiotherapy.

Please help me pay my debts am at the verge of taking my life

0 raised

Please I ran into debts from a business I started that I had to start taking loans to refund and the loan keeps increasing due to default charges, I face embarrassment and shame every day, I am at the verge of taking my life. Am a mother of two girls. My whole life is shattered

Make someone in your family a millionaire

0 raised

Our mission is to encourage and empower every Nigerian to join hands to serve humanity. We going to every family randomly. Your support is our fuel to carry out this mission

Help Abiodun Aderonmu to raise fund so that he can selling Palm oil

0 raised

It's been a pleasure connecting with you everyone. I'm Abiodun Aderonmu from ibadan Nigeria. I'm having difficult challenge in raising money to start Selling Palm oil. The job that I have cannot raise me money to start the business. I'm struggling to pay rent. I believe if can get crowdfunding of about one million naira to start the busines things will get better with for me and there Will also be a kind of independence. My Contact is 08162633314

Help me pay my son's school fees or

0 raised

I am Bolajoko Obioma. A widow with 4 kids. I lost my husband in the year 2014, February 8th. My first son was 11+ when he died. I have been the one funding their education and others needs though sometimes we received assistance from the loved ones. Luckily, he finished secondary school in the year 2019 with good WAEC and NECO result. He waited for another year before admission into University of Lagos (UNILAG) because of lack of fund. Eventually, he started his University education in the year 2020, studying Marine Biology. Strike and COVID-19 were big obstacles because they caused undesired delay. Strike ended and school resumed fully. He wrote his exams , waiting for resumption into year 2, then came the sad news of increment in school fees. My heart broke into a thousand piece, With many questions in my mind; how do I raise his school fees from my merger salary and other small extra income? I am in a very sad situation right now. I really need help for Theophilus Obioma to remain in school and not drop out.

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